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RIGHT Utilities Inc. (RU) is a privately held software company headquartered in New Jersey, U.S.A. RU was founded in 2002 and since its inception RU have made considerable progress toward its goals. Several factors have contributed to our success, but one stands above all others: our commitment to a set of core values. An absolute devotion to customer satisfaction, Courtesy, Professionalism in everything we do. More than anything else, these values define who we are and what we do. They apply to each and every one of us, no matter what our title or position.RU is committed to deliver robust, innovative privacy and security software solutions to its customers. We are dedicated to continually enhance the value of our solutions, not only with software research and development, but also with superior customer support.At RU, we use only state-of-the-art technology. We have carefully chosen the technology we use, maintaining a careful balance between the complexity of the technology and ease of use in order to ensure optimum product performance.Registry Washer effectively identifies system errors that are putting your computer at risk. registry washer safely scan your entire Windows registry to pinpoint potential system hazards
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Memory WasherCategory:  System Utilities » System Maintenance
Memory Washer is a smart memory and process manager tool that scans your system increasing your amount of available memory by up to 95%. Memory Washer prevents Windows crashes by freeing up unused memory, making your computer faster and more dependable. With Memory Washer s Processes Manager you can pinpoint unstable programs that waste your memory. Why waste money on more RAM? Utilize your memory and get more for your money with Memory Washer

Registry WasherCategory:  System Utilities » Registry & Shell Utilities
Registry Washer safely scan your entire Windows registry for errors, any invalid entries and provides you with a list of all registry errors found. In addition with Registry Washer tools you can easily search inside your Windows registry, detect and manage Internet Explorer components installed on your machine and manage your windows startup items with Registry Washer registry tools.

Hitware Popup Killer LiteCategory:  Network & Internet » Ad Blockers
Hitware Pop-up Killer Lite is a FREE pop-up and pop-under ad killer. Pop-up advertisements are not only annoying but steal your precious bandwidth, locking up your browser with a cascade of opening windows.