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Computer programs for making more Google AdWords phrases and listing Windows files from Robinmatch Limited
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DDFileCatcherCategory:  System Utilities » Registry & Shell Utilities
Copy file names, MP3, digital image and over 320 file properties to the Clipboard, into Microsoft Word tables, Excel spreadsheets, the Clipboard, or disk files. DDFileCatcher catches files, shortcuts or folders dropped onto it from Windows Explorer. It turns the files into full file paths. Communicates with Microsoft Word or Excel, making tables or adding to them. Multiple format options, including plain text, CSV, tab delimited, XML and HTML.

AdWords MakerCategory:  Network & Internet » Other
Google AdWords keywords tool. Make more money by generating more AdWord phrases. Use AdWords Maker to make hundreds of unique, relevant AdWords phrases for your AdWords campaigns. Substitute, rearrange, format for match type and filter phrases. Takes the strain out of making new phrases. To get a better ROI, you need to use phrase and exact matches. You choose the match type and it formats the output. Use it and watch your sales grow.