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RoyalDoyle was started in January 2005 as a result of the need to build a better blackjack application. At the time, RoyalDoyle team members were just a group of individuals that themselves enjoyed going to casinos and playing blackjack. We all had our own personal styles of blackjack play and executed different strategies with varying degrees of success. Since not one of us could PROVE that our strategy was the best, we decided that we would purchase an on-line blackjack application that would put our strategies to the test.RoyalDoyle Blackjack is a professional grade statistical analysis blackjack application; validate blackjack play. Royal Doyle Blackjack; Basic Strategy, Card Count Strategy, Wager Strategy; automatic mode of play. 100,000+ hands instantly
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RoyalDoyle Blackjack AnalyzerCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Cards, Casino & Gambling
RoyalDoyle Blackjack Analyzer is a professional grade statistical analysis tool that can be used to validate your particular style of blackjack play. RoyalDoyle Blackjack contains all the main strategies: Basic Strategy, Card Counting Strategy, Wager Strategy, and Streak Strategy. Royal Doyle Blackjack is ideal for blackjack training and provides a simulation mode. Can be used to play +500,000 hands instantly.