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Our mission is to provide a tool that you will use for the rest of your life. A tool that will become a key to unlocking your dreams. Phenomenal Memory can and should be used in every aspect of your life education, work, public relation etc. You can get a degree, get a new job or a raise, you can even change your personality and become more successful in any area of your life! Everything in our life is based on memory. As a founder of this school my goal is to help you achieve your goals. Our course is unique and at this time we are the only ones in the USA who actually can teach you to memorize. Forget about those memory books, CD s or lectures it is all useless!Forget everything you know about mnemonics, memory improvement and memorization techniques, or any other ways to develop your memory. This is something new! Phenomenal Memory is not a GIFT. It is a SKILL!
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Memorization MasterCategory:  Education » Teaching & Training Utilities
Memory and attention development/testing software. Now anyone who claims that he can memorize things can be tested by our "Memorization Master". The program tests: Memorization volume, Memorization reliability, Memorization speed. These characteristics are automatically summarized in the "Memorization skill increase" index (as compared to the norm).