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Publisher Description is owned and operated by Hitek Software LLC. Newbury Park , CA. Dr. Melvin J. De Silva, decided to combat copyright infringements of his own shareware software. He has years of experience dealing with shareware/software infringements and obtaining settlements from infringing parties . Using his own experience , he co-founded to help other shareware/software developers track infringements and obtain settlements for the same. We have many satisfied customers around the world in 7 different countries.Dr. De Silva obtained his Ph. D. in Engineering from the University of Tennessee , Knoxville , in 1994. From 1995-2000, he worked as a Process and Software Engineer for ST Microelectronics Company, in Dallas, Texas. He co-founded Hitek Software in 1999 to provide java based automation tools . He has seven patents and has published many journal articles.Dr. Yao obtained a Ph. D in Engineering From Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia. Prior to working at HiTek Software , Dr. Yao had been an electronics engineer responsible for product development at Texas Instruments and Rockwell International for 9 years . Dr. Yao has 4 patents and has published more than 20 journal protection, anti-piracy solution for software developers, track pirated software users and make them pay, fight piracy,
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Piracy TrackerCategory:  Development Tools » C / C++ / C#
Free software code to track illegal registration and usage of your software. Easy to implement. Unique Anti-Piracy solution that works. The source code included is a fully working example. Easy to implement. We have java, visual basic, c++, c# source code.