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"It saves me so much time having to manually create tilable textures for my computer game projects. ... I bought it straight away and I'm very happy with it."Other programs do simple alpha blends, or clone, mirror, and stretch the image to make it seamless. These operations produce a texture which is repetitive and blurry, and displays telltale "ghosting" artifacts that make the textures they output virtually worthless.STG avoids these issues almost entirely, and goes a step further, providing you with the ability to correct for flash and even out brightness across the image... features you'll be hard pressed to find in other products.
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Seamless Texture GeneratorCategory:  Graphic Applications » Editors
Seamless Texture Generator is a tool for creating high-quality seamlessly tileable images from photographs quickly and easily. STG will save you hours of work. It makes most textures seamless with a single click, while simultaneously correcting highlights and shadows. And for those textures, which need a little extra TLC, STG has the ability to crop/rotate/and remove perspective simply by moving the corners of a selection region.