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Shoecake Games Introduction Shoecake Games is an Independent Game Development company based in Liverpool, England and headed by long time game developer Paul Burkey. The site was originally setup to host the PC game BoXiKoN. Later on a Pocket PC version was added and then a second game called WordOMatic and more recently LinkLines and TaMiGoN! The number of games are slowly growing are now available for Mac OS too! Games Background I started developing games for the Amiga range of computers more than 14 years ago. Some of the games proved to be very popular and helped to develop my game designing and programming skills. In 1996 I moved into the commercial side of game development where I developed original games and ported existing games to various platforms including Amiga, PC, MacOS, MorphOS, PDA's and Linux.In 2002 I started working on my own game designs once again. The first project was to convert my existing game design BoXiKoN to Microsoft Windows. It was great fun working on independent projects again and most rewarding to have face to face contact with the end users of the games! I hope Shoecake Games can continue to provide this rewarding and enjoyable game experience for many years to come.Shoecake Games: Mac, PC and Pocket PC Game Downloads. Puzzle games, arcade games, strategy games and word games!
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BoXiKoNCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Puzzle & Word
BoXiKoN is a fun and addictive puzzle game of strategy and logic. The game belongs to the Action Puzzle genre but BoXiKoN really is quite different. There is a large emphasis on planning, organization and selection and less on arcade style quick reactions.

DaisyWordsCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Puzzle & Word
DaisyWords is a new Word Search puzzle game for all ages! The game features a flexible levels system that progresses at your own pace. The harder levels are fun and challenging for most ages while the easier levels are suitable even for young children. Save the daisies that have become infected with letters. Link the letters to create the required words. Once all the letters have been used up, the daisies are ready for picking!

DigWordsCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Puzzle & Word
DigWords is a Crossword style board game using familiar Scrabble-like word building rules. A game lasts for just 12 rounds, with a fresh set of 7 letters in each round. The game board is a 9-by-9 grid, so it takes some skill and planning to make best use of the limited space available. The game is designed for solo play, but opponents can play alongside on separate boards, taking turns to place the same 7 letters in each round.

BombDunkCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Puzzle & Word
BombDunk mixes the strategy of Minesweeper with the cross-checking logic of Sudoku, and presents it in a fun arcade format. The object of the game is to locate the hidden Bombs without making too many mistakes! You can work out where the bombs are with a combination of clues and a little guesswork. Extra lives are awarded when the going gets tricky, but mistakes can happen when you're under the pressure of the countdown!

FruixCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Puzzle & Word
Fruix is a new Fruit sorting action puzzle game. This is a Fruit matching logic puzzle game with a focus on planning ahead and thoughtful rotations. Each turn you must remove any two fruit from the board. The remaining fruit fall down and fruit groups are made. At any time you can rotate the whole board to optimize your rewards! With timed and untimed (relaxed) modes this is a colourful puzzler for all ages.

KaskadeCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Puzzle & Word
Kaskade is a classic action puzzle game! The game play is very easy to pick up. Slide multicolored blocks into a grid. The blocks slide and rest at one corner. Join a patch of four or more of the same color to clear space! The remaining blocks fall and can sometimes form new patches. With good logic and forward planning you can create cascades of color for bonus points! Continue dropping blocks into the grid and try to avoid running out of space!

EgglomaniaCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Puzzle & Word
Egglomania takes the logic of our best selling puzzle game BoXiKoN to a new dimension. Carefully fit your eggs into the tray forming lines in three directions at once. The eggs appear in ever increasing complexity of colors, patterns and arrangements. Eggs must be lined up and shipped out before they crack! Use your skills of organization and planning to ensure you never run out of space!

WordOMaticCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Puzzle & Word
WordOMatic is a Word Search game with elements of puzzle and strategy. Rearrange letters to form words which are replaced with fresh letters. As letters grow old, they change colour. The object of the game is to use all available letters before they they become void. This is an original game belonging to the Word Search genre which includes games like Scrabble, Boggle and Jumble as well as modern PC games like Bookworm and Text Twist.

NumeratiCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Puzzle & Word
Numerati is a Number linking puzzle game. Find and select chains of numbers in the board and avoid running out of space! The chains can be a simple as 1,2,3 or a more inventive 1,3,5,7. Receive bonuses for using a variety of chain building techniques, and even bonuses for repeating chains like 1,2,3,1,2,3. This simple to learn game can feel simplistic at first, but with advanced strategies it can seriously exercise your number crunching skills!

Chock-A-BlockCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Puzzle & Word
Chock-A-Block is a fun and addictive puzzle game of organization and logic. The game focuses on sorting, organizing, and forward thinking rather than arcade reactions and agility. Slide shapes into the grid from any side, filling the grid with blocks. Any solid lines formed from side to side or top to bottom will vanish! Continue fitting shapes, and don t run out of space! The simple game rules present new players with a fun an entertaining game.

LinkLinesCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Puzzle & Word
LinkLines is a remake of the classic Lines arcade puzzle game. This is a bright and highly polished version of a classic game. This is a fun and entertaining game for all ages. Quick reactions are not required for this game, there are no time limits or speed bonuses. You are free to ponder over each move. This game may appear simple but the subtle strategy required to reach the highest levels is most enjoyable.

TaMiGoNCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Puzzle & Word
TaMiGoN is a new and unique logic puzzle game. The game brings together game elements from the Chinese Tangram puzzles and mixes them with modern Action Puzzle ideas such as color and shape matching. TaMiGoN uses a set of shapes based on the Chinese Tangram puzzle. These shapes are made up of triangles and diamonds rather than blocks. TaMiGoN uses a set of 400 different Tangram style shapes!