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About us Sisulizer is just a new name for a group of familiar faces that have been in the software localization business since 1994. Sisulizer is home to some of the most experienced software architects and product experts in the industry, including former core members of Innoview, Multilizer and KRSoft (K&R Software) Germany.
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SisulizerCategory:  Development Tools » Other
Visual software localization of .NET, C/C++, C#, C++Builder, Delphi, Java, Visual Basic & VB.Net apps. Localize HTML, HTML Help (chm), assembly, po, rc, ResX, XLIFF, XML & database w/ Translation Memory & Machine Translation support. Sisulizer localizes Windows VISTA, mobile & PocketPC apps in three simple steps: 1) Scan the application for translatable data 2) Translate the text with Sisulizer's visual editor 3) Build the localized versions

KaboomCategory:  System Utilities » Clipboard Utilities
Kaboom converts code pages of text files, e.g. from shift-jis into UTF-8 and vice versa. It supports Windows, DOS, IBM, ISO, ASCII, ISCII, Macintosh and UNICODE code pages. Kaboom can read and write byte order marks (BOM) and is very usefull for everybody who has to deal with text files in foreign code pages. In addition Kaboom has over 50 clipboard filters, for replacement of special chars into character entity references, and much more.