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We're looking for people with a clever noggin - a good think tank - a quick mind to play our games! Our games are designed to challenge your brain, but at the same time relax you. If you've had a tough day at school, at the office, or taking care of the kids, try our games to relax and unwind. Each game is designed for the whole family and is full of non-violent fun. Try a SmartMelon game today!SmartMelon Games: Try our original, relaxing puzzles games which are guaranteed to challenge you for hours.
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TangleBeeCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Puzzle & Word
Bees are humming, the Spidy's coming, untangle quick before they stick! Try TangleBee for a completely new, totally fun game experience! The TangleBees have unfortunately been caught in the tricky spider's web and need your help. Untangle the bees to set them free, find trophies, and bring peace back to TangleWood Forest. Discover the changing of seasons and natural wonders, complete with bubbling brooks, autumn leaves, and wild flowers.

PeepersCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Puzzle & Word
Peepers may be the most relaxing game you will ever play. Try an easy to learn, original puzzle game that will keep you challenged for hours. You must help a group of Spring Peeper frogs escape from their ponds by hopping on lily pads. Featuring beautifully rendered and hand drawn visuals, real relaxing guitar music, and adjustable brook and peeper sounds, Peepers will please both your eyes and ears. 110 levels of nonviolent fun!