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SoftFuse Whois SoftFuse Whois obtains comprehensive information about any domain name. With SoftFuse Whois it's so easy to find: domain owners (administrative, technical or billing contacts), domain location, domain's hosting provider, creation or expiration date of the domain, even Google PageRank! and many more... And it's easy to search available domain name to register!
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SoftFuse WhoisCategory:  Network & Internet » Search & Lookup Utilities
SoftFuse Whois is an advanced whois utility. It does a lookup search for a specific domain name and presents you with the all available information. Do you want to know who's administrative contact of a specific domain name? Its ip-location or hosting company? All available information is right before your eyes: creation/expiry dates, domain's owner, SEO ratings, etc. Once the domain's details are obtained, you can export the data to a text file.

SoftFuse Password Generator FreeCategory:  Security & Privacy » Other
SoftFuse Password Generator Free is a tiny freeware which generates complex random passwords in a single click. Using this free utility you may create passwords up to 128-character length. While generating a password, you can use combinations of letters, numbers, special or your own custom characters. You can find additional information at Generate new password each time you need it in just a second!

SoftFuse Nice TablesCategory:  Business & Finance » Office Suites & Utilities
Do not waste your precious time on studying html, selecting eye-catching color schemes and creating html-tables - SoftFuse Nice Tables will do it for you! Just a couple of minutes and a professionally looking and beautiful html-table or web-report is ready! Want your boss to be surprised at how smart your report look? You may try SoftFuse Nice Tables for free!

SoftFuse Password Generator StdCategory:  Security & Privacy » Access Control
SoftFuse Password Generator Std generates difficult-to-crack passwords in a matter of seconds. While creating a password, you may use letters, digits, symbols, as well as their combinations. You can generate extremely strong passwords up to 128-character length and lists up to 100 unique passwords at once! This password program is a simple-to-use but it has many advanced settings: hash generator, hex passwords output, mask support, export/print.

SoftFuse Password Generator ProCategory:  Security & Privacy » Password Managers
SoftFuse Password Generator Pro is an ideal software to generate strong and unique passwords. Using this extremely powerful password generating and user management software you can create up to billion strong passwords, PIN-codes, hashes and export them to a file (csv, pdf, xls, xml...) in seconds! This advanced password generator produces extremely strong passwords up to 255-character length and passwords' lists including thousands of entries.