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--- San, first of all, let's make it clear for our readers, who are you, an artist, or...? Could you tell us a bit about yourselves.
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XXI Century Generative ArtCategory:  Desktop Tools » Screen Savers
This screensaver displays 1000 instances of a single DYNAMIC picture (The demo version contains 50 pictures). The Canadian artist San Base has invented a new manner of presentation of Art objects. The artist creates basic idea of the picture and basic principles of their development. Then a computer works on the picture's individuality, adding more variations and fluctuations of the basic elements and letting them develop with time.

Cyber Artist: OtherlandCategory:  Desktop Tools » Screen Savers
SyberArtist is a next generation screensaver that combines beauty of paintings with the graphic capabilities of modern computers. The screensaver utilizes video cards to generate infinite number of images that rival most of conventional contemporary paintings that cost thousands of dollars. This technology as been described as a revolutionary art of the 21st century and was exhibited in galleries throughout the world.