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The idea The aim of the project is to create an ideal administration tool which can prevent running of any application. Development of the project id devided onto 14 small parts which you can review in roadmap section. Project is targetted on corporative auditory and one of the main aims is to create poverfull features for remote administartion of all domain computers in bulk.
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Softros LAN MessengerCategory:  Communications » Chat & Instant Messaging
Softros LAN Messenger is a instant LAN messaging software application for home or office users. It does not require a server and is very easy to install and use. The program correctly identifies all Windows 2000/XP/Vista user accounts and works in any TCP/IP network. Softros LAN Messenger comes with a variety of handy features, like message notification alarms, files transfer, and intuitive interface. Supports Windows/Citrix terminal services.

Process BlockerCategory:  Security & Privacy » Access Control
This program enables administrators to prevent running any application. The use of it is very simple and described in detail on the project-related website A list of blocked applications is a usual text file located near the Process Blocker executable file. This is an x86 version; the one for x64 operating systems is available on