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Growing up, there was a big, old, rickety shed in the back yard. Besides the obligatory lawn mower and gas can, it held a plethora of stuff: bumpers, tires, fenders, lawn tools, the occassional construction material, and who knew what else. It was a place for my family members (mostly my brothers) to stick their stuff. The WebShed is just like that - it's a place to stick my stuff.What is my stuff? Take a look around the site - right now it's a few software thingy's I stuck together (well, sweated blood over, but that's not important). I hope to grow it to include some other stuff - ray traced pictures, programming tid-bits, the occassional rant, etc. My stuff.So what about me? As I said, I'm occassionally called the big, hairy, C++ monster. By day I'm a software engineer, by night I'm, well, a software engineer, but also a bunch of other stuff (according to friends, too much other stuff). I'm sure as the site grows it'll become obvious.Official home of PictureSaver! Freeware and shareware screen savers, utilities, and games for Windows, plus C++Builder components, code snips, and more. Other products include FontViewer, GullBlaster, RandomSaver, and Webifier.
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WebifierCategory:  Web Development » Wizards & Components
Easily turn your digital pictures into an attractive web photo gallery in just a few easy steps with Webifier. Webifier handles all the details of creating your photo gallery, from writing the HTML to resizing the images and making thumbnails. And it's fully customizable to allow you to make a gallery that looks just the way you want it.

PictureSaverCategory:  Desktop Tools » Screen Savers
PictureSaver is a screen saver that allows you to turn your pictures into a slideshow. Select the pictures you'd like to see, and let the PictureSaving begin! Numerous options let you control the exact look you want: stretched or shrunken to fit the screen; number of pictures onscreen at one time; random or sequential ordering; background colors; picture frames; descriptions; on-screen clocks; and more! Over 25 file formats supported.

RandomSaverCategory:  Desktop Tools » Screen Savers
Tired of watching the same old screen saver? Want a way to chase away the screen saver blues? Then try RandomSaver, an unrestricted shareware screensaver that randomizes screen savers that YOU select every time the saver starts! Group your savers to create saver themes, and set priorities to control how often each saver is shown. Specify how long to show each saver, and RandomSaver will switch them automatically. Try it today!

FontViewerCategory:  System Utilities » System Maintenance
A freeware font viewing utility. It lists the name of each font in its font face, and provides several options for seeing the fonts the way you want them: see screen fonts, printer fonts, or both; filter by font family and pitch; exclude symbol fonts; adjust the font size and style; view a character map of the selected font.

GullBlasterCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Other
Armed with only a paddle and a beach ball, your mission is to blast the gulls before they blast you. Knock the ball into the gulls with the paddle, avoiding falling gulls and gull bombs as they go on the offensive. Catch bonus eggs to receive special abilities. And be sure to blast the shoobees, who, through their own ineptitude, feed the gulls and cause more bombs. And remember, there ain't no such thing as a good seagull!