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Synthetic Reality is pretty much just me, Dan Samuel, but a lot of the ideas in our games come from the mind of my son, Ben. He's an accomplished Nintendo addict (and I say that with a father's love) and Ben knows games.His little sister is starting to come up with some ideas as well, so don't be surprised if the next space ship zooming past you looks a little like a kitten or a puppy. How We Came To Be Well, now, pull up a chair and listen to my tale. Once upon a time, I was a programmer at a real honest to gosh company. I worked there for many years and had a wonderful life. I enjoyed my work, but found that I had this hankerin' to be working on games. I also was stressed out to the max (real companies do that to you) produces free online multiplayer games, online RPG, online space games, online strategy games, online games, multiplayer games, online multiplayer games, online games, multiplayer games
Latest Windows software from Synthetic Reality

EmpyrionCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Other
Empyrion is a free Internet multiplayer Real Time Strategy game for 8 players, with integrated map and empire editors. Develop your own technology trees, provide your own art, share your empires with friends.

DomiNationCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Other
Domination is a free Internet multiplayer area-control strategy game where up to eight players or bots compete to control fictitious countries on a hex grid using dice-controlled army battles. Bot brains come with different strategies. Players can be replaced by bots, or assume a bot's role, so the game can continue even if players leave in the middle. Nukes are available at the channel moderator's option.

SynJetCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Simulation
SynJet is a free Internet multiplayer battle flightsim for 8 players per channel. Cooperate or compete as you fly missions with your friends. Flexible mission format allows creation of new missions to share with your friends. Several aircraft included and flight mode can be set to arcade or realistic. Voluntary remote monitoring/control allows one player to act as a Flight Instructor for another. Spectator mode included.

SynPoolCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Simulation
SynPool is a free multiplayer pool table simulator with 4 tables per channel. Tables come with balls and a cue stick which is passed from player to player, to accomodate any type of pool game with any number of players. No rules are enforced by SynPool itself. Solo mode includes advanced laser sight for 'educational' purposes. Reasonably accurate physics simulation.

SynSpadesCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Cards, Casino & Gambling
SynSpades is a free multiplayer card game with 4 tables per channel. Play with partners or free for all. Award-winning bots (from my earlier game NetSpades) are available to fill any empty seats. Common Spades rule variations are supported. The fact that flame shoots out of your head when it is your turn to play should be ignored, I was in a silly mood when I coded that bit.

SynSpaceCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Arcade
SynSpace is a free multiplayer spacewars game for 8 players per channel. Players drop in on an ongoing battle as they feel like it. Powerups provide ships with additional weapons and effects. Space is filled with obstacles and zones. These are provided by maps selected by the channel moderator. You can also make new maps and share them with your friends. Play team or free for all, capture the flag or simple melee battle.

TurnAboutCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Other
TurnAbout is a free Internet multiplayer Arcadia game creator which allows you to craft and share your own multiplayer games, using the Arcadia multiplayer game/chat/server environment. It comes with some games to start you off, then you add more! TurnAbout comes with Blackjack, Feud, and WindChasers (a sailbot racing simulator). Your new games are written in Lua using the TurnAbout API (

Well of SoulsCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Adventure & Roleplay
Well of Souls is Synthetic Reality's FREE multi-player Role Playing Game (MMORPG). It is extensible through a simple scripting language so that you can compose your own quests, create your own world, and share it with your friends. You can also customize your skin and contribute art and music. Plus, you can create your own guild and host your own server where people can play together.

SynChessCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Board
SynChess is a free multiplayer chess game with 16 tables per channel. Players take part on as many boards as they like, or just watch. Comes with a bot opponent with variable brain capacity. Includes instant replay and the ability to clone a board to a new table to handle "what if" situations. You can design your own board and piece art if you like. Users earn normal chess ratings (non-binding!)

CollaborationCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Other
Collaboration is a free internet multiplayer game where players cooperate and compete to write a short story together.

SynJamCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Other
SynJam is a free multiplayer game where players perform and compose music together in real time. Up to eight performers may take part, and results are saved as MIDI files.