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Back then, our founder was only 10 and TeddySoft was his dream. Inspired by the likes of MicroDeal and Microsoft (who wrote the Basic Interpreter for his beloved Dragon 32 computer), he formed his own imaginary company called TeddySoft and wrote scores of little games and programs under the TS banner none of which were ever released.
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noSy - PSP Offline BrowserCategory:  Network & Internet » Browser Utilities
An offline browsing tool for your Sony PSP. Want to browse your favourite Web sites on your PSP from anywhere. No wireless network. Relax, you don't need one, all you need is noSy. noSy from Teddysoft allows you to preload any website you select onto your PSP giving you the freedom to browse wherever and whenever you want. Surf on the bus, train, at work or school, up a hill, down a mine, it doesn't matter. No wireless network required, just noSy