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You can get the dream world right now, without any visas and tickets, hotels and flights. Switch on your computer, make yourself comfortable and start your wonderful journey to tropic island lost in the Pacific Ocean. You should just launch Tropic Ball and find yourself in a world strange to civilization, world of virginal nature. You ll take part in exciting adventures at a quiet goldish beach, at ominous beach of black sand side by side to active volcanoes, and beautiful coral reefs under the sea. Smart red crabs will bring you prizes and additional points, but crafty and sly black crabs will attack you.Ten Games Official Site. Get TropicBall, WinterTale games. Get Discounts For Shareware Games. View Other TenGemas Projects.
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Current Language On MouseCategory:  System Utilities » System Maintenance
Some applications have hotkeys simular to language switch hotkeys. Sometimes it makes you nervous. And the language indicator is so far at some corner of screen. Clom is solution of this problem. It shows you current keyboard layout (current language) of program you are working with. Simply look at cursor and see which language is active now. This is the best solution because you see mouse cursor 99% of work time.

Recent and Temp cleanerCategory:  System Utilities » System Maintenance
Lots of programs creates their temporarary files in Temp/Tmp folder and leaves them after their work ended. This causes reduction of hard disk space. Windows always clears "Recent Documents" list very slow. To solve this two problems the "Recent and Temp cleaner" utility was disigned. It clears "Recent Documents" and Temp/Tmp folder automatically to get your hard drive free of trash files and useless links to documents.

Winter TaleCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Arcade
Want to Christmas mood? It's game for you! Rich graphics, freezed balls, many presents, 100+ levels, two different playing mode, beautiful music, combo, bonuses! and much-much more! It is ALL for you! Funny puzzle balls game. Winter Tale never end.

Tropic BallCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Arcade
Tropic Ball arcanoid like game