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We began in 1985 with a project written on a 9" Mac Plus and in black and white. That was when 8 Mhz was really fast, a 20Mb hard disk was all anyone would ever need, a 'mobile' was a caravan, and the Internet was used by six people in California.We specialise in the delivery of purpose-built software programs for smaller organisations that simply do not have the resources of large corporations.Traditional programming can be prohibitive. All our solutions are delivered using high-level languages such as FileMaker Pro or MetaCard to produce efficient, attractive and robust systems within modest budgets for multi-platform and network deployment.The Scripter's Scrapbook is an integrated reference and source code organizer for ALL programmers. Whatever your level, computer or development language, The Scripter's Scrapbook is a resource that grows with you.
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The Scripter's Scrapbook is a fully-featured cross-platform personal source code repository and organizer that integrates the convenience of the desktop with the resources of the web for programmers, web authors and software writers. It is unique in its flexibility to define and display the platforms, categories and languages for any snippet of code, link, article or embedded file to structure your information. API supported. Free 30 day trial.