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The Most Trusted Name in Audio Effects The Sound Guy, Inc., a privately held corporation based near Monterey, California, is the manufacturer of SFX Machine RT and the new SFX Machine Pro. The company's software has been bundled with products by BIAS, Cakewalk, Digidesign, E-mu and others.ChatterBlocker uses digital audio technology to mask the sound of unwanted speech so you can focus on your work, not your coworkers.
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ChatterBlockerCategory:  Business & Finance » Other
ChatterBlocker masks unwanted conversations so you can focus on your work, not your coworkers. Using a soothing blend of nature sounds, music and background voices, ChatterBlocker minimizes the intelligibility and distraction of intrusive speech. ChatterBlocker also offers mindfulness meditation tracks intended to increase concentration, reduce distractibility and minimize the stress response to office noise.

MetaProjectCategory:  Business & Finance » Other
MetaProject is a simple but useful tool for cataloguing, evaluating and prioritizing projects. It is intended for people who "never met a project they didn't like" and need help deciding which ones are worth pursuing. Once you've entered all the data for each project, you can sort the projects by either the Estimated Profit/Month Invested or the Weighted Project Desirability Index. Then, for a different look at the same data, you may sort it by one of your raw ratings, such as "Do I Enjoy It?" Should you follow the money, or follow your heart and hope the money will follow? MetaProject lets you look at your projects in either order and draw your own conclusions.