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Thin Slice UploadCategory:  Web Development » Java & JavaScript
Thin Slice Upload can upload files that are even hundreds of gigabytes in size regardless of the server configuration. When used with PHP, it is unaffected by the upload_max_filesize or any other setting in the php.ini file. The ability to by pass the server s limitations makes Thin Slice Upload ideal for use on shared webservers. Also worth note is the applet s ability to resume an interrupted file.

Thin UploadCategory:  Web Development » Java & JavaScript
Thin Upload is a general purpose multiple file uploader for Web sites. With Thin Upload installed on your Web site, visitors will be able to upload their files to the server simply by dropping them on the browser. A progress monitor will be displayed while the transfer is in progress.

Thin FTP AppletCategory:  Network & Internet » Telnet, SSH & FTP Clients
A Graphical multi threaded web based FTP client with the familiar 2-Table user interface. The applet is a thin client of just 80Kilo Bytes and it runs in your browse. You can use it for multiple concurrent uploads and downloads with out the need to refresh.

Thin File PutterCategory:  Web Development » Other
Thin File Putter is an HTTP PUT method file uploader. Though HTTP's PUT method is superior to the POST method when it comes to file uploading, it is not widely supported by browsers. By using Thin File Putter you can easily overcome this limitation of the browser and carry out very large file uploads over an HTTP connection.