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Think Technologies is a leader in developing web management systems, including business portals, e-commerce portals, order management systems, and content management systems. We provide the developer community with a series of enterprise application tools that are flexible enough to integrate with almost any technology. Our enterprise products and developer tools allow programmers to cut development time and development budgets without sacrificing requirements. Our customization services ensure a good fit for all of our customers needs.We understand that your business runs on your customer s clock. In today s instant gratification society, customers expect more from your data system. If you don t provide it, they will simply move on to your competitor. Organizations have to be able to react and communicate with customers or they will lose them. That s where we come in - we can help you listen to your customers, react to their needs, and keep them coming back for more. That s the real meaning of mission critical , right? Your customers are the mission, and responding to them is critical.ThinkCMS is our enterprise Content Management server. ThinkCMS is an easy-to-use content management system designed to let non-technical users update their websites while maintaining tight security and control. No technical skills are required. Anyone who can use a word processor can manage their web presence safely and independently with ThinkCMS.Try it for 30 Days, Free!! - Think CMS Enterprise Edition allows anyone to create, manage, view and serve sites quickly and inexpensively. No technical skills required! Think CMS Enterprise Edition also allows extended management of clients, subscriptions, external news-feeds, surveys, events, and event calendars. Support up to 100 sites simultaneously using the same content! Run any type of web information service for up to 100 sites with just one product; Think CMS Enterprise Edition. Evaluate Think CMS Enterprise for 30 Days, free of charge, and see the difference for yourself!!
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Think HTML Editor ControlCategory:  Development Tools » Active X
Developers, integrate a professional looking interface and a full set of HTML Editing features in your next project with just a few lines of code. This fully-fledged HTML Editor ActiveX object helps programmers add HTML Editing features to any Web page, or programming project.