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Tillmann Wegst - Software-Entwicklung und DokumentationTillmann Wegst // Software Development
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OCSelotCategory:  Development Tools » Components & Libraries
OCSelot is a lightweight Java middleware. It allows you to use plain old Java objects for services, it can create services as a "side effect" of proxy allocation, requires very little code and no extraneous ORB, no IDL, and no XML configuration, lets you easily switch between remote and local modes, has distributed garbage collection, provides for security, and is most easy to learn and use.

CharDiffCategory:  System Utilities » File & Disk Management
CharDiff is a file and directory comparator detecting and displaying differences with character precision. Uses web browser to give overlayed, all-in-one view of compared files. Shows list of differences, each linked to differences in text, with animation for easy detection. Recursive directory comparisons linked to file comparisons. Exact figures of differences. Most easy to handle: purely drag & drop w/ novel DropBi technology!

WebKorrCategory:  Web Development » Other
Professional copy editors working on web sites can't confine themselves to correct the files, they also have to show to their client in detail what they have done. WebKorr minimizes your work load: you simply correct the pages, WebKorr does all the rest! It provides you the pages, and when you're done it creates a precise and clear presentation of your work, ready for delivery!