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Logic Builder SDKCategory:  Development Tools » Components & Libraries
Logic Builder SDK - The universal state-oriented programming system for any language, any IDE and platform. Contains examples of integration with VB6, VC++6, C#.NET, VB.NET.

WinRazor SDKCategory:  Development Tools » Other
The WinRazor SDK is an advanced software development tools designed to create forms of any shapes in any IDE. The WinRazor Control allows to find any windows, simulates the mouse and keyboard events and also contains the internal Timer and PopUp Menu objects. The WinRazor Control was tested and works properly in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Borland C++ Builder, Delphi, Visual C++ 6, Visual Basic 6, MS Office macros, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

API Generator for Visual BasicCategory:  Development Tools » Other
The API Generator is an advanced API Viewer that enables you to create prototypes for any VB API calls. If you have used the Microsoft API Viewer in VB6, and you are starting to work with VB7, the API Generator will help you to apply all your knowledge of Win API in the new environment. This tool generates arguments and return values of the Win32 API functions automatically !

Tetris 3000Category:  Games & Entertainment » Other
New tetris - game! It's differs from similar games: A beautiful and smooth graphics (with DirectX support ) The convenient, pleasant interface Built-in MusicBox: your may listen up to ten MIDI compositions, and during the game (!) have enjoy with CDaudio.Game balance and good playability will not allow to you depart a computer. +Global Internet HighScores