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Third Party CTI L sung mit SDK
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TAPIMasterCategory:  Development Tools » Components & Libraries
TAPIMaster is a Third Party CTI solution with SDK. Up to 4 are clients freeware. TAPIMaster client / server offers TAPI-based third party CTI with up to four users as freeware. This gives you ample opportunity to test the product before purchase. Programming APIs are provided for embedding the product into existing software. The TAPIMaster SDK includes a programmer s guide with example programs.

Demo TAPI DriverCategory:  System Utilities » Other
You do not have any PBX and would like to install TAPIMaster nevertheless, however, on a trial basis? No problem. The Demo TAPI-Treiber emulates a PBX. Please copy the TMDEMO.TSP file in the SYSTEM 32 directory of the server computer. Open the "Phone and Modem Options" control panel, page "Advanced". Add the "TAPIMaster Demo Telephony Service Provider". Now you can use the virtual PBX. This PBX supports various features for internal calls.

TAPI LineWatcherCategory:  Communications » Telephony
The TAPIMaster TAPI Line Watcher allows you to test the TAPI interface without special TAPI knowledge. It can give you a good overview of switch performance when you are buying a PBX and can show you which telephony functions the switch provides. More TAPI Tools you can find at the TAPIMaster website.