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Topaz Labs LLC, a privately owned company in Plano, Texas, focuses on developing advanced video image enhancement technologies. With today's widespread use of digital still cameras, digital video cameras, and HDTV, the need for enhancing digital images and videos has increased dramatically. Topaz Labs' mission is to bring state-of-the-art image and video enhancement technologies to graphic and video professionals and consumers alike.Topaz Labs L.L.C., a privately owned company in Plano, Texas, specializes in developing video and image enhancement products.
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Topaz MomentCategory:  MP3 Audio Video » Video Software
Topaz Moment, the only software of its kind to employ cutting-edge super-resolution video enhancement technology (SRT), is the perfect video stills solution. It is specifically designed to easily and efficiently capture video frames, significantly increase their quality and resolution, and turn unclean video frames into quality mega-pixel prints in seconds.

Topaz EnhanceCategory:  MP3 Audio Video » Video Software
Topaz Enhance is an After Effects/Premiere video enhancement plugin. It contains advanced filters that uses super-resolution technology to enhance SD videos into HD, de-interlace videos perfectly, suppress video noise while enhancing clarity and details, sharpen videos without overshooting or noise amplification, correct color bleeding, and create unique effects.

Topaz DeJPEGCategory:  Graphic Applications » Editors
JPEG compression artifacts substantially affect the quality of any digital image. They can be seen as mosquito noise, blockiness or checkerboarding, and edge artifacts. Topaz DeJPEG is a plug-in that's specifically designed to address this problem and is much more effective than the native Photoshop JPEG artifact remover. Almost every Internet image can benefit from a reduction in JPEG compression artifact noise.

Topaz VivacityCategory:  Graphic Applications » Editors
Topaz Vivacity is a Photoshop plug-in that affects a distinct improvement in images. Its state-of-the-art technology provides an invaluable tool to rescue otherwise unusable images and enhancethem in all aspects. It (1) increases image resolution; (2) suppresses image noise with little or no loss of detail; (3) removes JPEG/JPEG 2000 artifacts; (4) enhances details, sharpens edges and removes color bleeding; and (5) creates unique effects.

Topaz Moment, Production EditionCategory:  MP3 Audio Video » Video Software
Topaz Moment, Production Edition (PE): This Windows application is specifically designed for video production houses and webmasters who want to turn large numbers of videos or DVDs into a database of high resolution pictures. Topaz Moment Production Edition combines the quality of Topaz Moment video stills with a stable and efficient batch capturing platform that will significantly increase productivity.