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Total Gameplay Studio is a self-funded small independent game development company. We start a game studio in late 2000 and 2001 but the studio is not up to a full scale of a company but that was the birth of our exciting company. Many team members left the company - at that time, not yet a company - and other join our development team.
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The Mastermind Deluxe EditionCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Simulation
A vast, open-ended strategy title, the Mastermind immerses you in the seedy underworld of organized crime. Hire gangsters and build your criminal empire, eliminate your business rivals, bribe the police officers, and outwit your rivals and come out on the top of the heap in this strategy title. Criminal geniuses only need apply.

The Tale of Three VikingsCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Action
Control 3 little vikings and a cannon in this action thriller to save village folks from orcs & monsters. Armed yourself with most dangerous weapons and horn your cannon-aiming skill in this epic Norse adventure. - cool & colorful graphic - lots of arsenal to choose from - fight orcs, skeletons, dragons & witches - interesting story to follow - survival and 2 players mode keep you entertained even after you've finished story mode!

The MastermindCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Simulation
The Mastermind is a new menu-based strategy game. Take on the role of a mastermind to become the brain behind the crimes. Use your planning skill to secure wealth and power in this gangster land. Features: hire gangsters to execute various crimes - buy various businesses in the city - fight gang wars - bribe police officers - smuggle drugs and guns - play Blackjack at casino - setup illegal businesses - buy luxury items to increase wealth.