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A new milestone for remote connect/print from a Microsoft TSE servers. Universal Printer driver for TSE.
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TravelPrintTSECategory:  Network & Internet » Remote Computing
The TravelPrintTSE enables any TSE user to get an easy connection and to print documents from any workstation. Based on RDP protocol, the 3 major benefits are: The user connects with one single encrypted client program which warps RDP 5/6 with all requested connection parameters and can be copied on a UBS key. The users will be able to automatically print any document from any workstation. A VISTA emulated Remote Desktop is also included.

TRAVELClip USBCategory:  Network & Internet » Remote Computing
The TRAVELClip Remote Desktop Client enables instant, portable RDP / TSE access from any PC without installation or Administrator Rights. Previously, users were often prevented from accessing their work environment from mobile media such USB key drives, because they lacked elevated security privileges needed to install and use the Windows Terminal Service client.