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UltimaCalc the Ultimate Algebraic Graphing Calculator
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UltimaCalc ProfessionalCategory:  Business & Finance » Calculators & Converters
A set of mathematical tools, for scientists, engineers and students. Perform symbolic algebra: simplify expressions, differentiate them, integrate them and see how the result was obtained. Factorise polynomials, multiply and divide them, find their GCDs. Solve linear and non-linear equations, minimise an expression. Least squares fit (5 methods). Evaluate math expressions with variables. Complex numbers. Log results. 38 digit precision.

UltimaCalcCategory:  Business & Finance » Calculators & Converters
Always at hand, UltimaCalc is compact and can stay always on top, transparent when not active. Simplify algebra expressions, integrate, differentiate, factorise polynomials. Evaluate algebraic expressions, define your own functions and constants. 200,000,000 prime numbers. Least Squares (5 methods); Standard Deviation; Plot functions; Solve Triangles; Simultaneous Linear/Nonlinear Equations; Polynomial Roots; table of constants; much more.