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Vermont Creative Software is located in Richford, Vermont a small town in far northern Vermont, right on the Canadian Border. We appreciate the rural life, and subscribe to the old-time Vermonter's code "to be honest, reliable and work hard."Founded in 1984, Vermont Creative Software markets only the software it develops. Vermont Creative Software is a company run by developers for developers.The first product of Vermont Creative Software, Windows for C, was released in January 1984, making it among the earliest third-party library for C programmers. Windows for C evolved into Windows for Data and then into Vermont Views, a complete development system for creating user interfaces portable among DOS, UNIX, VMS and other related operating systems.VCS specializes in automated software testing tools for Quality Assurance personnel on the Windows, Web and DOS platforms. Vermont HighTest Plus for Windows is testing software that works with Windows and Internet Explorer based applications.
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Vermont HighTest PlusCategory:  Development Tools » Debugging
Automated Software Testing for Windows and the Web Vermont HighTest Plus is a Windows-based software regression-testing tool for testing stand-alone and browser-based applications that is easy to use. Features include a dedicated scripting language, object support, user functions, screen compare with unlimited masking, a dedicated Suite Manager, integrated debugger and Window Inspector. We offer free unlimited phone, and email technical support.