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Site is a study project. It was designed to share my own programs, libraries and scientific papers produced during my university education. My interests are multimedia programming and data compression. So, here you can find mainly video processing software codecs, filters and etc. Theoretic side of software found here was designed with great help of my scientific adviser Sergey F. Krendelev.
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ToponokyCategory:  MP3 Audio Video » Video Software
Toponoky is a free lossless video codec. Use it for high quality video data archiving or capturing. It s compatible with any video editing program like VirtualDub or Adobe Premiere. Codec supports lossless and lossy compression modes. Lossy mode allows to select wishful video quality. Toponoky has a simple user-friendly interface with visual settings representation. Each setting has a detailed description. Codec is free for non-commercial use.

FastCodecCategory:  MP3 Audio Video » Video Software
FastCodec - free fast lossless video codec designed for video capture. Another usage - video data archiving. Supported input and output formats are: YUY2/YUNV/V422/YUYV, YVYU, UYVY/Y422/UYNV, RGB24, RGB32. Codec has two compression modes: lossy (only for RGB input) and absolutely lossless. Preview decompression mode allows fast decompression with poor quality. Compression/decompression algorithm is relatively simple.