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Professional academic softwares and Virtual Laboratories for education (teaching and learning), Physics, Mathematics. Simulation Software. Computer Assisted Instruction of Mathematics and Physics. Computational and Simulational Physics.
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Physics Virtual Laboratory, PVLCategory:  Education » Teaching & Training Utilities
An Intuitively Easy-To-Use collection of -at least- 142 interactive Physics simulation modules that allow the user to simulate and visualize Physics experiments. Useful from High School to University. PVL may be used (1) during classes, to support the teacher's explanation and to make classes more interesting, (2) in the library by students, to review topics covered in classes (3) at home by students to run experiments with their own data.

Top Secret TextCategory:  Security & Privacy » Encryption Utilities
Top Secret Text is an Intuitively Easy-To-Use High performance Encrypter-Decrypter of text files. Very useful to maintain personal and corporate security and privacy. Uses 4 user-defined key numbers.TS-Text is based on unpublished Encryption Algorithms, which makes encrypted texts impossible to decrypt by conventional (published, known) algorithms. Encryption softwares based on published (known) algorithms, generate vulnerable encryptions.