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The Vitolab Software company was founded in 2002 by an active and purposeful group of graduates from the department of physics and engineering. Young and talented software developers, designers and technical support specialists work under the auspices of Vitolab Software.Vitolab Software is mainly engaged in developing a great variety of software solutions ranging from simple, yet necessary for every user programs to complex business-specific corporate systems for individual clients, enterprises, industries.The main peculiarities of the software from our company include not only perfect performance of constantly improved programs, but also attention to their usability, concise help and efficient technical support.
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Alive OrganizerCategory:  Business & Finance » PIMS & Calendars
Alive Organizer is a perfect solution, including all necessary features for efficient time management. If you are up to your neck in numerous tasks, it's impossible to keep everything in mind. In this case Alive Organizer is what you need to organize either your working hours or private time in a convenient, simple and effective way. Schedule tasks, keep your contacts and passwords, write your blog, make notes and succeed with personal organizer.

Alive Address BookCategory:  Business & Finance » PIMS & Calendars
A sterling electronic address book. Each entry contains over 50 different fields providing the most comprehensive description of the contact. If any desired field is missing, information can be added to the Remarks field. Export/import and data synchronization are available. The software features a handy and accessible interface ensuring quick mastery and full use of program features.

Alive Task ManagerCategory:  Business & Finance » PIMS & Calendars
Alive Task Manager is a genuine electronic task scheduler, which can be used to create new tasks, prepare a personal time-table, remind about particular events, create repeated tasks, etc. Alive Task Manager supports a tree-type structure of the task list, different display layouts, and an efficient means of search, printout, export/import and synchronization of data, etc.

Alive DiaryCategory:  Home & Hobbies » Personal Interest
Alive Diary is a program for keeping personal diaries and a full-featured blog client. In Alive Diary, you can write posts in your blog, insert photos and images, format any text and then publish your blog pages on popular blog resources on the Internet, such as,, and many others.