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About Mapping-Tools.Com Mapping-Tools.Com is owned and operated by Winwaed Software Technology, and is intended to be your one stop location for Microsoft MapPoint add-in tools, templates, and services.If you are unfamiliar with Microsoft MapPoint, we have a page about Microsoft MapPoint and an ever increasing number of articles about using MapPoint. MapPoint is the flagship desktop product in the range of mapping software and services offered by Microsoft. These products include Pocket Streets for Pocket PCs, and the consumer Streets & Trips products, as well as online services such as the Microsoft MapPoint Web Service, and Microsoft Virtual Earth.Our best selling product is the MileCharter add-in. This allows you to quickly and easily calculate mileage charts, travel times, and cost estimates. It is ideal for calculating delivery costs between your service locations and their customers, as well as 'road atlas' style charts.Mapping Tools, Utilities, and Files for Microsoft MapPoint(R)
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MPMileageCategory:  Business & Finance » Office Suites & Utilities
Batch calculate route distances, travel times, and/or estimated costs for point-to-point routes listed in a database (Access, Excel, or ODBC). Uses Microsoft MapPoint for point locations and route calculations. Supports all of MapPoint's route options including fastest routes, shortest routes, preferred roads, and straight lines (Great Circles). Road speeds/etc can also be set. Supports all versions of MapPoint from MapPoint 2006 onwards.

MPSuperShapeCategory:  Business & Finance » Other
MPSuperShape is a shape manipulation tool that can combine or intersect multiple shapes, as well as calculate boundaries around groups of pushpins, simplify shapes, and to change the colors of multiple shapes with one operation. MPSuperShape can also import/export GML, KML, ESRI Shapefile, and MapInfo MIF files. Ability to create webpages that use Microsoft Virtual Earth or Google Maps. Support for different projections and coordinate systems.

MPMileCharterCategory:  Business & Finance » Office Suites & Utilities
Calculate Mileage Charts and Tables with Microsoft MapPoint. Calc. tables for serving customers and suppliers, or to create "road atlas" tables. Destinations can also be sorted with only the closest being reported. Can output distances, travel times and/or estimated costs to Excel or text file. Supports ALL MapPoint routing options including road speeds, rest stops, and avoid polygons. Rate Tables allow sophisticated route costs to be calculated.

Mileage Charts for North AmericaCategory:  Business & Finance » Other
North American Mileage Charts and Tables stored as Excel 2007 workbooks, including travel times and distances for both the fastest and shortest routes. Includes workbooks for pan-North America; all US States; Puerto Rico; and all Canadian Territories (excl. Nunavut). Individual charts include all cities with a population of 1000 or more. The pan-North American chart includes the 1000 largest cities in the contiguous US and Canada.

Back and Forward UtilityCategory:  Business & Finance » Other
The back and forward view change buttons were removed in MapPoint 2009. The Back and Forward Utility implements this functionality as two menu items on the Tools menu. Users can now move back to previous map views, or move forward returning to the start point. Software is freeware and open source (Berkeley) and also serves as a how-to example about programming a MapPoint add-in using .NET and Visual Studio.

Shape Name UtilityCategory:  Graphic Applications » Other
Freeware add-in tool for Microsoft MapPoint. Allows a user to view a shape's name and modify it if necessary. Also reports the shape type, and can query (but not update) pushpin names. Source code available under the Berkeley (BSD) open source license.

RouteWriterCategory:  Business & Finance » Office Suites & Utilities
RouteWriter imports and exports waypoints for Microsoft MapPoint routes whilst maintaining their route order. Although MapPoint can import and export waypoints as pushpins, their order is usually re-arranged. Waypoints and matching pushpins can be exported to Excel with their waypoint distance, time, coordinate, address data, and all available pushpin data fields. It is also possible to create routes from pushpins in a pre-determined order.

Single State MapperCategory:  Business & Finance » Office Suites & Utilities
Single State Mapping Tool allows you to create maps of individual states with Microsoft MapPoint 2002, 2004 or 2006. Make maps of individual states. For various purposes, many users of Microsoft MapPoint would like to cover up neighboring states for their maps in Microsoft MapPoint. This tool allows you to do that. Demo data file allows you to create an individual map of Nevada. The full product supports all 48 contiguous US States.

GridImpCategory:  Business & Finance » Other
Imports gridded data into MS-MapPoint, to produce attractive data maps. Can handle imperfect data, holes, re-gridding, etc. Can be used to import such attributes as pollution data, seismic hazard, geological information, customer/population distribution, etc. Various text formats supported using space, tab, or comma separators. Data coordinates can be longitude,latitude coords; custom linear coords; or Ordnance Survey Grid References.