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Encrypted Briefcase Personal is the file encryption software that allows you to hide folders and encrypt files with on-the-fly AES encryption. This easy-to-use encryption software decrypts and encrypts data as it is read or written! Folder Security Personal is the file locking software that lets you hide files and folders by hiding and locking or by password-protecting them. This foolproof file-locking tool is ideal for parents, webmasters, employers and more.We create computer security software for corporate, school, and home users. Our computer security lockdown solution allows an administrator to manage corporate, school, and home pc from central. Security profiles of protected computers can be configred over network. Lockdown Plus PC is a network based computer security software. This easy-to-use pc security software allows administrators to restrict access files, folder, drives, and various system resources in corporate and school computers over network. It is an ideal computer security solution for corporate and school network administrators to manage pc security.
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Folder Security PersonalCategory:  Security & Privacy » Access Control
Folder Security Personal allows you to hide and lock folders and files. You can choose to hide them completely or restrict access by making them read-only, preventing modification or deletion by other users or programs. It can restrict access to Floppy, CDRom, USB sticks, and other removable drives by locking them or making them read-only. It also includes a proactive spyware defender. Version 4.1 now supports Windows Vista.

Lockdown Plus PCCategory:  Security & Privacy » Access Control
Lockdown Plus PC is a network based desktop security solution for publicly accessible computers running the Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003 Operating Systems. It prevents users from deleting critical files and applications, restricts use of external drives, and disallows unauthorized changes, whether accidental or malicious, to the Windows system.

HandyCryptoCategory:  Security & Privacy » Encryption Utilities
HandyCrypto allows you to hide folders and encrypt files with on-the-fly AES encryption. Just create one or more encrypted secure folders from local folders and move your sensitive files into the specified folder and they will be encrypted/decrypted in real-time. You can work with the files as usual, and when you're done, lock the secure folder, which will store the files securely and also hide the entire folder from view.

Host Security PersonalCategory:  Security & Privacy » Access Control
Host Security Personal password-protects files and folders and firewalls network accesses. It can restrict uses of local hard disks, CD-ROM drives, floppy drives, and removable disk drives. It can also stop hackers from accessing you computer, prevent your children from visitting unhealthy websites, and block MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, and AOL Instant Messenger. It supports FAT/FAT32/NTFS.