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Yummy Media, Inc. is bringing entertainment and innovation to the computer desktop. Our digital design firm has developed proprietary technology for cutting edge 3D Desktop Toys, Advertoys, and 3D Gadgets for entertainment, advertainment, and desktop branding campaigns.Advertoys move beyond the typical flat, 2D desktop characters and virtual pets currently available on the Internet. Interactive, brandable, and extremely viral, Advertoys include high quality 3D animations containing unique physics and AI capabilities.Consumers engage in more interaction and spend much more time with Desktop Toys than with other forms of online marketing. They are an important new way for brands to make a direct connection to their audience as well as making it a hard-working component of any marketing campaign.Yummy Media Inc. develops unique outside the browser desktop advertoys, advergames, and rich media communicators used by companies for brand entertainment, advertainment, and viral marketing campaigns.
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SkycarCategory:  Desktop Tools » Other
Created by Moller International, the M400 Skycar aircraft is a four-person Vertical Takeoff and Landing Vehicle (VTOL) currently undergoing initial flight-testing. The million dollar price tag is a bit rich for most of us so we suggest you try our YummyWorks desktop version! The M400 Skycar is a 3D interactive desktop toy that sits outside the browser and on your Desktop.

SegmentoCategory:  Desktop Tools » Other
Professor Y has decided to make a Desktop Toy version of Segmento, his first YummyWorks employee. He's a knockaround kinda bot with a hankering for zero gravity. Programmed with just the right mixture of artificial intelligence and artificial stupidity, Segmento will rock the desktop!

iRodCategory:  Desktop Tools » Other
Something new is coming to the computer desktop-- iROD , the first of many DeskTop Toys to be exclusively developed by Yummy Media Inc. The iROD offers outside the browser, 3D animated fun for Windows XP users. Drive it, explore it, score points, and change paint jobs are just some of the things you can do with iROD . Our unique technology draws 3D objects directly onto the desktop in real-time. Desktop Toys work best if your system is eq