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It all begins with "getting inspired" and then you start to create... The design of the logo of Woodstone bvba reflects the same story. Let us present to you Sanctus van de Burggravehoeve. This Saint-Bernard has been an inspiration to his proud owners, Dirk Bulinckx and his wife Nancy Brans. They founded Woodstone in 1993 and established their place, out of the blue, in the IT-world. People say that dogs and their owners often show similarities. A Saint-Bernard stands for seriousness and professionalism. Just like people could always count on him, you can always count on us. This is where Woodstone makes the difference: we're devoted to our customers and we are responsive! Qualities that customers respect and appreciate.Buying a product from Woodstone is the start of a partnership. If there's anything we can do to enhance the product or help you use it better, we're willing to do custom programming to meet your specifications if necessary.In 1997 we began developing "Servers Alive" and succeeded in making a product that people really loved to work with, because customers could always count on the product and count on fast and efficient support. We made the program easy to use with a lot of possibilities for the needs of the user. And all this for a small monitoring,snmp monitoring, network monitor,uptime monitoring,downtime monitoring,monitoring software,LAN monitoring,WAN monitoring,host monitoring,application monitoring,network management
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Servers AliveCategory:  Network & Internet » Network Monitoring
Use Servers Alive to automatically monitor critical server functions and processes even when your data center is closed. Comprehensive reporting and notification features alert you via SMTP mail, cell phone messaging, Paging, Instant Messenger, ICQ, Pop-Up message, or NotePager. Easily create scripted response scenarioes to reboot, shut down, execute another program, or take any other emergency response action. Try free Windows version today.