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AnnouncerCategory:  Development Tools » Components & Libraries
Network-enable your projects, with a few simple clicks: The Announcer component for .NET allows your projects to talk to each other on a local network, with no hassles. The Announcer is a self-contained, lightweight message-passing component, to enable your .NET projects to communicate on a local area network., featuring extremely low CPU utilization, small memory footprint, and automatic detection and connection-handling functionality.

Photo Desktop for FlickrCategory:  Graphic Applications » Gallery & Cataloging Utilities
The Flickr experience, now on your desktop The Photo Desktop for Flickr allows you to edit images before upload. Rotate, flip, tag, name, batch resize, and then batch upload your photos. All from one simple application. Spend less time waiting for your browser, and more time looking at your pictures. The Photo Desktop for Flickr accelerates your photo browsing experience, caching what you browse for easier access and a faster experience.

WebRobotCategory:  Development Tools » Components & Libraries
WebRobot allows you to interact with web sites and applications, directly from your .NET code. Static pages or active AJAX sites, the WebRobot will allow you to interact with any and all sites. No longer are you limited to just fetching pages from web sites. With WebRobot, you can fill out forms, and upload multiple files with a few simple lines. Switch to AJAX mode, and interact with dynamic pages directly!

tutorCategory:  MP3 Audio Video » Other
Try. And try again. There is no substitute to hard work. Let tutor revolutionize your instrument practice. Impress your instructor on your next session. Play the right note, every time. tutor listens to you, guiding you towards the right note on your instrument. The integrated tuner will allow you to be pitch-perfect, every time. Keep your instrument in top condition, and keep the guesswork out of your practice.