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Security utilities that provide access control, password management and storage protect your privacy and peace of mind. Protect your computer data and privacy from intruders, or protect your children from the internet.. available for download here.
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CallBlockerCategory:  Security & Privacy » Other
Quietly runs in the background. Quickly monitor incoming calls. All calls are logged and list can be printed. Enter in your own custom blocking criteria or use the default settings. Blocked calls only ring once informing you of the blocked call. Turn call blocking on or off at any time. Must have a Caller ID compatible modem (most new ones are) and also Caller ID service on the phone line near the computer. Free online support.

PassMan PlusCategory:  Security & Privacy » Password Managers
PassMan stores, organizes, encrypts, & hides passwords, usernames, web addresses, credit card numbers and any other private information. Quickly access your private data. Automatically copy passwords to the clipboard and paste into login pages for the ultimate in convenience. PassMan alerts you if someone unsuccessfully attempts to access your private data!

ScreenLock ProCategory:  System Utilities » System Maintenance
You can configure ScreenLock to prevent windows from starting without the proper answer, or quickly lock the screen if you must leave your PC running and unattended. Enjoy the peace of mind that your privacy is protected. Use ScreenLock as your default Windows Screen saver! This provides added protection when you leave your computer unattended and forget to lock your system.