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Fiercely individual developer of grunge/techno mp3s, Adobe Photoshop plugins, opinions and more.Fiercely individual developer of Adobe Photoshop plugins, grunge/techno mp3s, opinions and more.
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SoftenerCategory:  Graphic Applications » Editors
The Softener Photoshop plug-in gives photos the dreamy soft focus effect used in romantic portraits, wedding photos and magazine covers. It makes skin smoother, softens harsh edges in digital photos and gives them a warm and subtle glow. The simple interface gives you access to a range of subtle, dramatic and unique effects.

AutochromaticCategory:  Graphic Applications » Editors
Autochromatic is a Photoshop plugin that helps you create duotone, sepia, greyscale and color tint effects. You can use Autochromatic to add a rust or lavender tone to your image, create psychedelic color effects, change the foreground and background color of your pictures, or adjust the colors to suit the color scheme of your web page. Autochromatic comes with over 30 presets to get you started and a randomize control to spark your creativity.