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About Nemain - The Celtic Goddess of War Nemain was a Celtic goddess from Ireland, as with most Celtic gods and goddesses there is little factual information, just legends and folklore surrounding her.
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Shamans NotebookCategory:  Home & Hobbies » Religion
Shamans Notebook is a PC application that allows you to store shamanic journeys, healings and workshops. It has an easy to use interface, filtering and printing support.

Dream WheelCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Other
In Dream Wheel you get to wage battles against the computer players. You can choose your character (there are more to challenge in the registered version) to battle as. Choose from Shamans, Witches, Druids and Dreamers, each one has their own advantages.

Western IsleCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Adventure & Roleplay
The western island of Innishfarne, is a quiet relaxed coastal town populated by many friendly people. This is a 3D adventure game where you help the people living in the town of Innishfarne, build friendships with the townsfolk and buy and run a successful Tavern.