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It is a mail filter that removes spam from POP3 mail servers.

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5, March 2005
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Out Spam is a spam filter program. It can remove junk letters from a POP3 mail server without downloading them to a client computer. The principal way to separate mail is the use of worldwide black lists of spam mail servers. The program can also filter letters by languages and letter header errors. It supports the multi accounts usage. Validation rules allow user to prevent deleting important letters by mistake. The program can be executed in two modes: auto mode and interactive mode. In the auto mode the program is always resident, periodically checks Internet connection and removes spam without user's control. In the interactive mode a user controls the process of checking and removing letters. The program can be easily combined with other mail filters and mail client programs.


Please contact Out Spam publisher, Brigsoft if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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