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mxORB is a server-side spam filter consistently blocks over 98% of spam

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4, September 2006
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mxORB is a server-side spam filter that consistently blocks over 98% of unsolicited commercial email (also known as spam) at a fraction of the cost of other filtering solutions. mxORB is packed with all of the features you will need to eliminate spam. The amazing low price coupled with a success rate of over 98% gives it an unassailable position in today's marketplace. mxORB can be deployed in two different ways, either directly on your Exchange Server system, or on a separate IIS SMTP mail relay system. mxORB makes use of a number of techniques to filter spam, including: use of real-time Internet databases of known spam senders; filtering that blocks messages based on their content; and attachment filters that can reduce the risk of security incidents such as virus infection. All filtering is performed on the server-side allowing you to protect your email system without the need to configure individual client workstations.

IIS or Exchange SMTP service

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