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LUPC: Set time limits on Windows, games LUPC monitors and limits user time on your computers. Once you have set up all the users accessing the PC(s) in your home, you can then set maximum daily or weekly time limits for each person. LUPC limits the used time on internet, programs or...
Freeware, $12.9 | 23, November, 2012
Family Monitoring Software Family Monitoring Software from enables you to record all those actions which were taken place on your desktop.
Shareware, $45 | 23, November, 2012
Chat Parental Control Chat Parental Control application is downloaded from permits to record visited website URL, cookies and temporary files.
Shareware, $49 | 23, November, 2012
Free Key Logger Software Click on for downloading comprehensive Free Key Logger Software to monitor system activities within confidential manner.
Shareware, $49 | 23, November, 2012
Keystroke Recorder Free Are you looking for reliable keylogger software for protecting your PC from unauthorized access? Download Keystroke Recorder Free software from that monitors internet activities and remain invisible from desktop icon.
Shareware, $49 | 22, November, 2012
Remote Employee Spy Software Do you want to trace family activities performed on your personal laptop or system? Just go on to download Remote Employee Spy Software to trace visit URL and internet activities.
Shareware, $49 | 22, November, 2012
Spy Parental Control Resourceful Spy Parental Control program is available at website to examine entire system performance done by family members, kids.
Shareware, $45 | 20, November, 2012
Keylogger Keystroke Recorder If you want to trace sent email detail in hidden mode, then download Keylogger Keystroke Recorder tool from that helps to monitor internet activities which operates by children.
Shareware, $49 | 20, November, 2012
Download Password Hacking Software Company presents Download Password Hacking Software on developer s website which helps to monitor system activities in proper silent and secret manner without any change.
Shareware, $49 | 19, November, 2012
Remote Internet Monitoring Software Visit and get to know how you can trace other user actions on your PC using Remote Internet Monitoring Software.
Shareware, $49 | 19, November, 2012

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