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Record user performed activities in hidden mode with download a keylogger tool

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6, January 2012
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Developer offers download a keylogger application at that enables computer holder to easily record every work executed by secondary users on your Windows OS installed computer machine by secretly executing in covert surveillance manner featured with finest facility to load automatically as soon as Windows OS thread starts and consistently records user activities until computer machine is shut down. Advanced system activity tracing keylogger program generates easy to evaluate usage log files holding absolute information of work processed during your dearth like details of files and folders navigated on your system hard disk drive, applications launched, movies and videos watched, document files edited, user web activities, emails sent, chatting conversations, website URL typed, internet pages surfed, web calls made and other user activities. Download a keylogger software from and get complete details of external person activities performed on your Windows machine featured with simple graphical interface having complete help manual at every step of monitoring settings customization and log files analysis process so even novice person can easily operate without any special technical support. Professional advanced keylogger software provides user best options to secretly get absolute details of work performed on your computer machine by recording all user activities and keyboard pressed strokes in simple HTML/TXT format log files executing in non-detectable invisible mode. Features: * Advanced keylogger software provides support for all major versions of Windows operating system. * Activity tracing application executes in total hidden mode with option to remove installation marks. * Download a keylogger software at and record guest user system usage. * System monitoring keylogger program captures voice chat, system screen shot and text conversations.

What's new in current version
Added support to generate report of users activities in html or txt format

512 MB RAM, 18 MB free disk space

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