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29, June 2011
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Download innovative facebook crack software that constantly monitors all activities performed and work processed on computer hard disk or internet websites, temporary files, recent browsing history, cookies, catch memory, active logins, download history have been erased by guest users. Proficient facebook password tracing application provides facility to recover and spy email hosting websites password, tracks social networking sites login details, captures chat messengers authentication information, MS Office outlook email client passwords without getting in consideration of secondary guest user. Advanced facebook crack program provides complete package to monitor system and web access information having finest feature to record keyboard text inputs, capture periodic desktop screenshot image, record voice chat conversation etc and stores details of work processed at computer owner specified location of system hard disk memory. Versatile user login ID tracing software provides facility to secretly send complete system and internet sites usage information logs to specified email account of computer owner or upload generated user activity records over network using FTP server. Powerful and efficient facebook cracking application acts as your private spy by executing in covert surveillance manner featured with option to automatically start monitoring and tracing work processed and activities performed as Windows starts. Features: * Tracing password application secretly stores authentication details of networking and email sites. * Cracking login program executes in total hidden manner with option to remove installation imprints. * Facebook crack software captures periodic system screenshots and record voice chat conversations. * Authentication hacking software creates HTML, txt log file and sends to owner specified email address.

What's new in current version
Added support for log delivery via FTP

512 MB RAM, 8 MB free disk space

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