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29, June 2011
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Specialist password crack utility track keyboard and internet activities performed by external user in hidden mode. Keylogger software is capable to record different types of online events like chat conversation, accessed websites, voice chat, sent email and searched URLS. Advanced spyware software facilitates to monitor user activities visually by capturing screenshots of opened and closed applications at defined time interval. Keylogger supports log delivery feature to send recorded user details on specified email address periodically. System monitoring utility is beneficial for parents and office managers to track kids and staffs internet activities to see what they do in their absence from anywhere in the world. Specialist surveillance tool provides facility to record clipboard activities and any modification in system configuration like sound setting, system date and time etc. Keylogger application does not present in any program folder, start menu and installation files to maintain invisibility from outside user. System owner can start keylogger using hot key combination or run command in stealth way. Any category of user can operate and monitor PC activities without any technical help with easy to use and interactive user interface. Company provides trial version of monitoring utility for users to evaluate functionalities before purchasing original keylogger software. Features: * Comprehensive spyware to record typed keystrokes and online user actions in completely hidden manner. * Provides best functionality to capture screenshots of executed programs at fixed interval of time for visual monitoring. * Supports remote monitoring feature by sending saved html log file on defined email ID or upload via FTP settings. * Facilitates to record entire copy-paste activities with moved contents and track online chat conversations.

What's new in current version
Added support for hot keys or run commands to access the software running in hidden mode

512MB RAM, 20MB free hard disk space

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