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USB port activity tracker for system s connecting on windows local area network

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11, September 2009
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USB data protection tool capture and saves USB mass storage device activities on your LAN and prevents unauthorized access of USB devices in real time. USB data monitoring tool records usb connection or removal date and time with machine name, device hardware information, IP address and domain name in log file. USB drive activity controller software alerts by beep sound when pen, jump or thumb drive is connected to any LAN machine in your network. USB blocking program for Windows network analyzes and records all data transfers (cut/copy/paste) between USB devices and Network client machine. Usb drive blocker tool record plug in and out activities of the USB storage devices on client machines even if the network is disconnected. Hidden USB activity tracker works in stealth mode so that it cannot be detected by the client. Data protection software is highly interactive monitoring utility that enable or disable any usb port of any client machine. Offline Monitoring feature record all insertion and removable activities of USB storage devices on client machine in real time as well in offline mode. Features: * Records client s device IP address, insertion or removal date and time of removable storage media etc. * Alert on server by generating beep sound when any USB device is connected or released. * Administrator can enable or disable any client machine access permission of USB port in LAN. * Offers real time monitoring of the USB mass storage device activities on client s systems over Windows LAN. * No need of any additional hardware-software or technical skills simply installs and run. * Network usb port monitoring program is capable to analyze multiple systems activities simultaneously with in local area network domain. * Record and monitor transferred data between USB drive and client machine. * Access and permission settings are recorded in Activity log in html or txt format with date and time for future review.

What's new in current version
Added support to capture usb port activities

512Mb RAM, 20Mb disk space, any Windows OS

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