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Computer surveillance utility silently tracks all PC activities in hidden manner

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22, January 2010
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Advance yahoo messenger spy software is easy to use tool to trace overall desktop PC or laptop activities in your absence. Freeware PC surveillance application effectively monitors pressed keys such as text documents, user name, password, clipboard activities, emails, chat conversation, URL etc. Reliable yahoo messenger spy utility is advance solution that allows only system administrator to access program configuration with the help of hot keys combination and run commands. Hidden keylogger program is specially designed and developed to watch children s entire personal computer activities when you are outside. Affordable keyboard surveillance application remains undetectable from installation path folder, program file, task manager, start menu, add-remove program list etc. Cost effective yahoo messenger spy program is complete solution to track computer activities executed by your family members, friends as well as spouse while you are away. Advance keylogger software is commonly used by various corporate sectors, internet cafes, offices, institutions, schools, home users etc to record PC activities. Freeware PC surveillance utility is highly interactive tool that monitors your employee s daily system activities during office hours. Reliable keyboard recorder application stores each typed keys activities in encrypted log file formats stealthily. Hidden yahoo messenger spy software successfully sends generated log reports at user desired email address or uploaded by FTP server settings. Software feature: * Advance keystroke monitoring utility is compatible with all latest versions of Windows operating system like 7, Vista etc. * PC surveillance program takes active screenshots of opened Windows application at regular time interval. * Reliable yahoo messenger spy software has attractive GUI and does not require any prior technical guidance to operate it. * Keyboard recorder tool permits authorized user to view produced log details in txt or html file formats.

What's new in current version
Added support to record online voice chat conversation

512Mb RAM, 5Mb disk space, any Windows OS

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