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The professional program to recover the passwords for user hashes.

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28, January 2013
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The professional program to recover the passwords for user hashes. The range of hashes supported include: MySQL, MySQL5, DES(Unix), MD4, MD4(HMAC), MD5, MD5(HMAC), MD5(Unix), MD5(APR), SHA-1, SHA-1(HMAC), SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, Domain Cached Credentials, Haval-128, Haval-160, Haval-192, Haval-224, Haval-256, Tiger-128, Tiger-160, Tiger-192, Whirlpool and others. The program also supports many complex hashes like md5($pass.$salt), md5($salt.$pass), md5(md5($pass)), md5(md5($pass).$salt), md5($salt.md5($pass)), md5($salt.$pass.$salt), sha1($username.$pass) and others. In addition, the program archive includes modules written by third party developers for the following hashes: MD2, Oracle DES, MD5(Cisco PIX), Kerberos, MS Chap, RipeMD-128 and others. Because the program has a convenient open API, it is possible to quickly modify and supply the program with any required hashing module written in any programming language. The program benefits from a friendly interface, does not require installation, supports several types of attack, and is provided with a range of settings. This ensures flexible and effective recovery of user passwords from hashes. The application also supports external plugins, which allow extending its capacities essentially.

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