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Keep two folders/directories exactly the same.

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8, September 2007
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Easy to Setup: the application utilizes interactive drive and folder selection controls to easily allow the user to find the "Location One" and "Location Two" drive or folder for synchronization. Simple to Operate: the application has a one click Start and Stop operations. Ready to sync, click Start. If you want to quit the synchronization process, click Stop. (Doesn't get much better than that!) Smart Sync: each time the sync executes, it only syncs the files that really need to be copied. By using the last modified date, the sync can make sure that latest version of each file is always in both locations. Configurable: want to hide the application while the sync process operates? Don't want to see the report when the application is done? Configure the application to do what you want. Silent Execution: use the command line to input a "LO" (meaning Location One) and "LT" (meaning Location Two) sync paths and the application will execute and complete without anyone knowing. Perform multiple sync operations and have them scheduled using scheduler. Powerful Reporting: when synchronization is complete, the application outputs a report in text format which automatically opens for viewing. The report contains only the files which were synchronized and the files/folders which were created. Importable Outputs: the reports are outputted in a comma separated values (CSV) format, making them easily importable into almost any spreadsheet application.

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64 MB RAM, 1 MB HD

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