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LineCount.exe counts number of lines in text files.

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20, April 2008
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LineCount.exe utility counts the number of lines in text files in bulk. This is typically useful for programmers who need an estimated number of lines of code for their projects. It may be useful for other estimation purposes as well. LineCount.exe gives the option of recrusively processing sub directories, and ignoring empty lines. Command line parameters are: -srcdir adirectory directory of the original files. By default, this is the current directory. -fname apattern the file name pattern to count, for example *.txt, or *.java, *.cpp -noemptyline do not count lines that are empty or only contain space or tab characters. -verbose print file name and line count for each file. -r recursively process sub directories. Example: LineCount.exe -srcdir dirname [-r] [-verbose] [-noemptyline] LineCount.exe is part of Bestcode File utilities. Bestcode is pleased to provide the following file utilities to make bulk processing of files easier through simple, scriptable command line utilities and powerful regular expression functionality when needed. FileSplit command line program splits a large file into smaller files. FiXML fixes invalid xml characters in xml documents. Replaceregex command line program finds a given string in a batch of files, replaces them with another string and places the output files in a separate directory if such directory is specified. The file size must be small enough to fit in available memory. RenameRegex command line program renames files whose name matches a regular expression places the output files in a separate directory if such directory is specified. FileLineFilterRegex command line program eliminates text lines from text files based on regular expression patterns. This program removes all lines which does not match a regular expression from text files places the output files in a separate directory if such directory is specified. The file size must be small enough to fit in available memory. Dos2Unix command line program converts carriage return, line feed pairs ( r n) to line feeds ( n) and places the output files in a separate directory if such directory is specified. The file size must be small enough to fit in available memory. Unix2Dos command line program converts line feeds ( n) to carriage return, line feed pairs ( r n) and places the output files in a separate directory if such directory is specified. The file size must be small enough to fit in available memory. Bestcode File Utilities Pack comes as a zip file. For more information, please visit

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Initial release.

Please contact LineCount publisher, BESTCODE.COM if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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